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Rediscover The Vital You.

For those who are tired of not feeling their best, have bothersome daily symptoms, are living with chronic illness, or have a history of cancer, it’s time to explore a better avenue for healthcare.

Here at Vital You, we believe in helping people experience a more personalized care process so they can take ownership of their healing. We’ll concentrate on focused patient education and personalized holistic care to promote healing from the inside out and the rediscovery of true vitality.

The Functional Medicine Difference

The driving force behind functional medicine is the idea that medical care should facilitate our body’s natural ability to heal. Conventional medicine has a bad habit of only treating presenting symptoms and being driven by pharmaceuticals.

In functional medicine, we treat symptoms as merely an indicator of a deeper, more complex problem that must be addressed rather than ignored. We must investigate further into the patient’s lifestyle, genetics, medical history, and comprehensive lab testing in order to draw out those deeper catalysts of presenting illness.

Melissa Trotman, owner of Vital You Functional Medicine based in Annapolis, Maryland, talking with a patient about their chronic symptoms, lifestyle, and treatment options within functional medicine and her practice.
Melissa Trotman, owner of Vital You Functional Medicine based in Annapolis, Maryland, posing in a yoga pose.

"Have you ever been to a conventional healthcare provider, exasperated over a chronic illness, and thought to yourself, ‘There’s simply no way this person understands what I’m going through?’
So have I.

– Melissa Trotman, CRNP

Melissa is the functional medicine provider here at Vital You, and she has over 25 years of ​​experience caring for patients. Like you, she found there to be a lack of holistic and comprehensive care and too few healthcare providers who truly listen to their patients.

She believes the focus should be on helping patients understand the connection between how they live their life and their health. From nutrition and gut health to relationships and stress management, it’s all connected to our overall health and wellness.

“My extensive education in Functional Medicine has given me the foundation to empower patients to discover wellness and vitality the same way I have.”

Is Functional Medicine The Right Path For You?

Straying from the wide road forged by conventional medicine, one finds a less traveled but well-established path in Functional Medicine. This field is by no means new or revolutionary but a blend of rather ancient and trusted wisdom and cutting edge research. Here are a few indicators that Vital You will be a good fit for you.
Multiple conventional providers have been unable to target the source of your illness, and symptoms persist.
You have been labeled with one or more severe diagnoses or an autoimmune disease, and no plans for practical relief are in progress.
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You have a history of cancer and are ready to integrate holistic treatments and Functional Medicine into your care plan.

You’re looking for an experienced guide to help you overcome decision fatigue that comes with a serious diagnosis such as breast cancer.

Your goal is to optimize your health and lower your risk of cancer recurrence while working towards longevity and vitality.
It’s time to get your life back. It’s time to experience the energetic lifestyle you want. You know feeling better is possible, and you’re ready to enjoy your life and reach your goals.
If any or all of these experiences characterize the health journey you’ve been on or represent the path you’d like to take, Vital You is here to help you get your body and your health where you want it to be.

How It Works At Vital You Functional Medicine

This is what you can expect when working with Melissa to restore health and rediscover vitality.


The nature of Functional Medicine is a path that requires thorough investigation and the right mindset for success. A discovery call will help both parties determine if Vital You is a good fit.


During this 60-minute session, Melissa will discuss the patient’s medical history and overall wellness priorities. Together, a comprehensive treatment plan that’s aligned with those goals and priorities will be developed and implemented. This includes lab tests and nutritional evaluation.
Melissa Trotman, owner of Vital You Functional Medicine based in Annapolis, Maryland, working at her computer.
Healthy foods and lifestyle choices taught and implemented at Vital You Functional Medicine.

Treatment Solutions

As the patient implements Melissa’s recommendations, the discussion will focus on successes and challenges to determine progress. Any necessary adjustments are made to suit and are always aligned with the patient’s goals.

Membership Model

Ongoing treatment is structured as a membership where the patient receives individual monthly sessions as well as access to group classes and educational materials. Once steady progress is being made toward their health goals, the patient can choose to convert membership to a different level for access to group classes and follow-up appointments as needed.

Resources and Support

Patients will be given private portal access to their files and video communication from Melissa explaining lab results, resources, and treatment plans.

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Melissa is here and ready to empower you on your path to renewed health and enduring vitality. For any questions, please contact her via the form below or book a discovery call.