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Lavender Essential Oil for Restful Sleep - Vital You Functional Medicine

Lavender Essential Oil for Restful Sleep

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Are you struggling to get a peaceful night’s sleep? You’re not alone.

Lavender essential oil is one such remedy that has shown promising results in improving sleep.

We all want a rejuvenating sleep that prepares us for the challenges of the next day, and while there are countless products that promise better sleep, it’s always a joy to discover natural solutions with science to back them up.

Recent research indicates that lavender essential oil might just be the sleep aid you’ve been looking for. One study even found that college students who wore a chest patch infused with this essential oil not only slept better but also woke up feeling incredibly refreshed.

How’s that for waking up on the right side of the bed?

Wondering how to harness the power of lavender for a restful sleep?

Here are some easy ways:

โ€ข Dab a small amount on your wrists & temples to relax your mind.
โ€ข For deep slumber, apply some on the soles of your feet before hitting the sack.
โ€ข Enhance the ambiance of your bedroom by using it in an aromatherapy diffuser.
โ€ข For a luxurious bedtime routine, add a few drops to your warm bath.

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